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About us


Jiangsu LEAP Machine Co.,Ltd,founded in 1994,is a solely invested manufacturer specializing in metal forging and machining in China.Located
only100 kilometers away from Shanghai port,LEAP possesses a geographical advantage especially for international trade. Precision forged parts
and CNC machined parts are LEAP`s major exports to U.S.A.,Canada.and many European countries.High quality and timely delivery earns LEAP
adecent reputation.

LEAP has a ground area of 60,000 sq.m.,and employs a total of 170 professional engineers,experenced technicians and skillful operators.LEAP
possesses an annual forging capacity of over 15.000 tons as well as a strong R&D force for both forging and machining.

LEAP`s Major Forged Parts:Auto Parts,Hydraulic Flanges,Container Lashing Fastener,Scaffolding,Engineeing Machined Parts, Non-ferrous
Metals parts and others.

LEAP insists on offering quality product and thoughtful service.Please do not hesitate to contact LEAP. We will do our utmost to meet your demands.